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The Studio

Ya Fit Pilates is more than just a Pilates studio; we are a community of like-minded individuals who share a deep love and extreme passion for Pilates. We can’t wait to introduce you to the incredible physical and mental benefits of our Pilates methods, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner. Our focus is on creating a safe, fun, and inclusive environment that challenges both the mind and body. While we promote a deeper understanding of movement, our studio is designed to be a peaceful and nourishing space where you can connect with yourself and others.

a Pilates experience like no other
Experience the Best of Ya Fit Pilates: Dynamic, GluteCore, JumpStart, and Core Pilates classes. Our upbeat and modern approach will make you sweat, while our skilled instructors incorporate exciting elements like the TRX straps, magic circles, Bosu balls, and resistance bands. Enhance your body-mind connection and challenge yourself with unique class structures designed to leave you energized and empowered. Modifications and hands-on corrections on form are provided.

Low impact full body reformer Pilates workout

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Our Classes

Core Pilates beginner/intermediate

This classic offering is suitable for both beginners and intermediates. Despite the term “beginner,” the class is challenging but conducted at a slower pace with modifications available for all levels. It emphasizes core strength and welcomes a wide range of participants, including experienced Pilates practitioners.

Dynamic Pilates intermediate/advanced

A modern and intense workout with challenging reformer exercises, emphasizing balance and coordination. Designed for those with intermediate, advanced or with good Pilates reformer experience, it combines dynamic movements with traditional Pilates principles, offering a fresh and unique fitness experience.

GluteCore & TRX fusion all levels

Suitable for all levels, these classes offer a flexible structure for on-the-fly modifications. With a focus on muscle targeting, participants enjoy a sweat-inducing, fun experience on and off the reformer. Expect a mix of traditional Pilates, glute-targeting exercises, and possibly TRX suspension training for variety and challenge.

Glute Work during a class
Kori S
Kori S
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Great studio! Teachers are awesome, studio is super clean, and Balance Body reformers are new. Between Core and Dynamic, both classes give you a great workout. Core is less cardio, dynamic will make you sweat. I've taken classes with Yafit and Brianna and both are challenging in different ways. If you're a beginner, try Brianna's Core class. If you're advanced, Yafit's Dynamic class without a doubt. Modifications are given in all classes and everyone from students to teachers are super non-judgmental. It's a friendly, non-intimidating environment. I also like that they're adding new stuff to keep it interesting - props like weights, rings and bosu. They recently added complimentary beverages and also gave students a cute stainless tumbler to celebrate Valentine's Day! If you have the chance, grab your grip socks and definitely take a class.
Rachel D
Rachel D
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What a Fantastic workout. The location is so convenient! All the teachers at Ya Fit studio are incredibly knowledgeable! (Bree is phenomenal). Classes are SO GOOD and the teachers are all able to adjust and accommodate to the students abilities and needs. The studio is always clean and organized. You can find classes for every level, and even a stretch Pilates class at the end of the day with dimmed lights and calm music. Every class ends with "Thank your body for its incredible job that it's doing". Thank you Ya Fit for being around!
Levy L
Levy L
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I love going to Ya Fit Pilates studio. The instructors are professional, the classes and the equipment are great. They explain the moves very well and it fits all levels at the same time. I can already feel the change in my body.