Friday Fit & Flex

This class will tune you out from the week and into the weekend, using traditional Pilates styles. Slow, controlled, strength training moves that simply start your weekend feeling stretched, relaxed, and happy. This is highly recommended for all levels and ages.


Incorporating Yoga and the reformer to build balance and stability, strength and stretch, as well as breath and movement control.



Otherwise known as Pilates High Intense Interval Training. Get ready to work your cardiovascular system and your core. These classes incorporate HIIT on the reformer, Tabata, weight HIIT, and Cardio HIIT


Jumpboards add great versatility to your Reformer in addition to allowing jumping and other cardio exercises. A Padded Jumpboard also recreates a biomechanically accurate standing position while lying on the Reformer.



This class is a whole-body workout incorporating the principles of pilates. This class comes with a goal of little cardio, as well as fixating a good amount on overall toning and body fitness. It utilizes pilates combined with more vigorous strength and cardiovascular methodologies. Perfect for more advanced levels.


This class is a traditional pilates experience. This Class focuses on the true principles of Pilates such as engagement of the core and connecting the mind to the body. Expect things to slow down, plus the use of the reformer in a more reclined position and use of the straps. Great for all levels and ages.


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