Ya Fit Pilates Signature Classes

Handcrafted Daily by Our Team

Discover a range of transformative Pilates sessions designed for all levels. From Core Pilates to Dynamic Reformer, GluteCore Sculpt, and Pilates Fusion, each class offers a unique fitness experience tailored to challenge and inspire.


true Pilates principles with a twist.

empower your core.

Core Pilates Class

Discover the heart of Pilates with our Core Pilates class, where classic principles meet modern techniques. Led by skilled instructors, you’ll harness the power of reformer and straps to strengthen your core and enhance flexibility. Whether you’re new to Pilates or a dedicated practitioner, this session promises to energize and empower, connecting mind and body for an exhilarating wellness journey.

Dynamic Pilates Class

Step into our invigorating Dynamic Reformer class—a blend of modern and classic Pilates that promises an exhilarating workout. Crafted by Ya Fit Pilates’ expert instructors, this session combines innovative reformer exercises to enhance balance and coordination. Perfect for all levels, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts, experience a dynamic fusion of traditional principles and contemporary techniques that will elevate your fitness journey.

modern Pilates.

challenge. strengthen. transform.

glutes on fire.

sculpted glutes, strong core.

GluteCore Sculpt

Join our ‘GluteCore Sculpt’ class, crafted to sculpt and tone your glutes and core muscles. Whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned enthusiast, this class is designed for everyone. With a mix of Pilates-inspired movements and precise exercises, you’ll engage your glutes and abs to build strength and definition. Prepare for a challenging yet fulfilling workout that enhances posture, stability, and overall fitness.


Athletic Stretch & Restore

Revitalize your body with our ‘Athletic Stretch and Restore’ Reformer class. Experience dynamic stretching using the Reformer machine’s resistance to effectively elongate each muscle group. Led by certified instructors, this controlled workout enhances flexibility, posture, and balance. Suitable for all levels, it promises to leave you rejuvenated and refreshed.

reformer revival.

stretch stronger, feel refreshed.

fitness redefined

cross-training with Pilates.

Pilates Fusion

Welcome to Pilates Fusion, where traditional Pilates meets TRX, kickboxing, yoga, HIIT, and more. This dynamic class caters to all fitness levels, delivering a full-body workout that’s both comprehensive and invigorating. Expect personalized exercises handpicked by our instructors to challenge and inspire, helping you achieve your fitness goals.



Elevate your Pilates routine with our Jumpboard Pilates Reformer class. Utilizing the versatile Jumpboard, this class adds a dynamic cardio element to your Reformer workout. Experience biomechanically accurate standing positions on the padded Jumpboard, enhancing calorie burn and cardiovascular benefits while maintaining Pilates’ low-impact, joint-friendly nature.

jump into fitness.

elevate with Jumpboard Pilates.