Meet the Team

Yafit Saban-Amar

Yafit is passionate about movement and fitness, and will always love learning new things so she can incorporate those new skills in her classes. Her classes are challenging, but she is able to modify and accommodate clients of all levels to ensure safety. Yafit is certified in pregnancy, and Pilates high-intensity interval training.

When Yafit is not in the studio, she is most likely training outside, cycling or running. The thing Yafit LOVES to do more than anything in this world is to spend time with her husband and their five children. Yafit is looking forward to seeing you all in her pilates classes!


Chelsea McLaughlin

I fell in love with Pilates after my very first class 7 years ago and am so fortunate to be able to share that love with all of my students.  My classes focus on the classical Pilates method, enhanced with props. I believe Pilates is for all ages and physical fitness levels and I enjoy being able to tailor each class to give my students something new and different every time.

Brianna Keene

Brianna enjoys keeping her classes fun and motivating. Most important to Brianna is that the moves she teaches are challenging but still doable. Brianna can modify fo r injuries and pregnancy. She considers herself to be a very friendly and helpful person, so don’t be afraid to approach her before class or waive her over to ask a question! When she’s not at the studio, you can find her adventuring out with her dog or taking a fellow instructor’s Pilates class.

Instructor-Julie Tersieff
Julie Tersieff

Julie grew up in Northern California and enjoys camping with her family, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, and stand-up paddle boarding. Having tried other methods of fitness over the years to enhance her active lifestyle, she discovered Pilates. It was exactly what she was looking for in regards to health and wellness. Now she loves to share her passion for Pilates with others through group classes or private lessons.


Maytal discovered her love for Pilates after having her first child and experiencing the transformative effects it had on her body. She became leaner and stronger, and was inspired to share her experience by getting certified at the Pilates Sports Center in Encino more than a decade ago. Maytal’s classes are classical in nature, yet energetic and challenging for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.