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Meet Our Unstoppable Squad:

Certified Powerhouses Committed to Your Transformation!

Get ready to meet our powerhouse team! Our certified instructors, including passionate leaders like Yafit, bring dynamic energy and creativity to every class. Experience their dedication firsthand with fresh, challenging workouts designed just for you. Join us for an unforgettable fitness journey!

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Yafit Saban-Amar

Yafit is passionate about movement and fitness, and will always love learning new things so she can incorporate those new skills in her classes. Her classes are challenging, but she is able to modify and accommodate clients of all levels to ensure safety. Yafit is certified in pregnancy, and Pilates high-intensity interval training.

When Yafit is not in the studio, she is most likely training outside, cycling or running. The thing Yafit LOVES to do more than anything in this world is to spend time with her husband and their five children. Yafit is looking forward to seeing you all in her pilates classes!


Elizabeth Walls

Born in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Beth was raised on skis and horseback and loves all things outdoors. When a backpacking adventure ruptured discs in Beth’s spine, she began the quest for a lasting solution. The professional writer/editor discovered the transformative power of Pilates and felt a calling to share it with others—a modality she believes is body, mind, and life altering.

With nearly 20 years of experience, including 5+ years at a physical therapy clinic, this PhysicalMind Institute®-trained instructor is equipped to adapt to injuries, pregnancy, and all fitness levels, and strives to make every class fresh, fun, and effective. Though Beth still freelances in writing, and can’t get enough of Pilates, barre, musical theater, and the great outdoors, her greatest devotion belongs to her husband and three amazing children!

transformative Pilates for all.

empowerment through Pilates.

Tatiana Schloessman

Tatiana’s goal and passion is to inspire every woman to become CEO of her mind, body, and soul. A personal fitness trainer with a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Sports, Tatiana shows her clients the way to accomplish total mind and body transformations. Her Pilates classes are particularly appealing to women who desire to transform their bodies and reclaim their overall health for good. When she’s not doing Pilates, Tatiana is doing Calabasa stairs, hiking or walking through Farmers’ Market. She enjoys relaxing in her downtime by reading and crafting. Tatiana is a true believer and follower of Joseph Pilates’ philosophy: “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

Sigal Greenbaum

Sigal Greenbaum found her passion for movement very early in life. She started dancing ballet when she was 10 years old, and since the age of 18, she has been dancing professionally in well-known ballet companies in Israel, such as Ballet Piccolo and the Israeli Ballet Company. She began her teaching career at the Wingate Institute, focusing on movement for toddlers, mat pilates, and reformer pilates in coordination with Dalia Mentbar. Since 2010, Pilates has been her main focus. Sigal is knowledgeable, professional, and passionate about helping people discover the joy of movement. Her classes are challenging and focused on proper form. She is a true professional.

from ballet to Pilates mastery.

youthful spine, spirited soul.

Megan Rowsey

Megan discovered her love of Pilates over 15 years ago and enjoys teaching in both classical and contemporary styles. She believes Pilates can be a lifelong practice that keeps your spine and your spirit youthful.

When Megan isn’t in the studio, you will likely find her enthusiastically cheering on her two boys in all their sports endeavors. Megan also has a love of real estate and is a local Realtor®. Her dream home would have a full Pilates studio in the guest house. A girl can dream!

Zoe White

Zoe has been doing Pilates for years, initially as her cross-training, as a ballet dancer. She loved it so much that she went on getting her Pilates certification herself. Her strength is being able to help each client find control and balance while gaining strength in additional to having fun. Zoe’s injuries from ballet led her to look for an effective, efficient, and fun workout which is Pilates to her. Her drive to keep learning and make each class different is what keeps her going. Beyond the studio, Zoe is also passionate about health and wellness and is also a certified holistic health coach. She also loves being outdoors and hanging out with friends and family.


fun, effective, dynamic.

healing through movement.

Jenna Celotti

Jenna says Pilates is her happy place! She first discovered Pilates when she was looking for relief from low back pain. After a few sessions on the reformer, Jenna became passionate about its healing power. Incorporating Pilates into her everyday routine has truly been life-changing. Jenna holds a reformer and mat certification from Pilates Sports Center, an internationally recognized teacher training program. She loves teaching creative flows that challenge your core and inspire you to take your practice to the next level. Her goal is to make your Pilates experience fun and fulfilling! Outside the studio, Jenna enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and son. From hiking the Santa Monica Mountains to Malibu beach days, there’s nothing Jenna loves more than being with family!

Ashley De Paz

Ashley is passionate about living a healthy, happy lifestyle. As a dedicated Pilates instructor, she loves sharing with her clients the incredible benefits of this wonderful workout. Her vision of Pilates is that it’s more than just exercise; it’s a beautiful approach to enhancing both your physical and mental well-being. Join Ashley in discovering how Pilates can transform your life, inside and out.

Live Healthy, Live Happy

The Ground Control Team

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Katherine, our front desk manager at YA Fit Pilates, brings kindness, professionalism, and extensive knowledge to the front desk. An active enthusiast, she fills her weeks with dancing, hiking, gym workouts, and swimming. She's excited to add Pilates to her routine to boost her mobility and flexibility. When not exercising, Katherine loves spending time with her three dogs, who mean the world to her!

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